About Boyertown Citizen of the Year

The Boyertown Citizen of the Year Committee is proud to receive nominations for Outstanding people in the categories of Citizen of the Year, Mentor of the Year, First Responder of the Year and Student of the Year.

***NOTE!!  *** It is not the person with the most nominations who wins. The winner is based on the impact they have made in their category based on the information provide and from the nominations.

The committee then chooses a person in each category that best exemplifies the support and volunteerism that is imperative to our community’s daily operation in that category. This person is someone that have gone above and beyond in their category and in our Boyertown area community and we are thrilled to honor them at our annual gala!

The committee members are made up of past citizen of the year winners.


Do you know a great Boyertown Area Citizen, First Responder, Senior High Student or Mentor and want to recommend them for an award? Nominate them with details on why we should consider this person or organization!!


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