Introducing the 68th Annual Boyertown High School Senior of the Year – Sarah E. Drakas!

Sarah Drakas is a kind, compassionate, young woman eager to make change in the community. Sarah is the youngest of three sisters and has been a resident of the Boyertown community her entire life. Sarah first began her career in service during her freshman year of high school when she attended a business conference where she was exposed to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In 2019, Sarah and her team went on to raise $18,000 through the Students of the Year Program and win the Mission Award. After such an impactful experience, Sarah could not step away from this organization and chose to participate in the Junior Advisory Committee where she would go on to help multiple teams in their efforts and design their campaign.

Moving forward, Sarah found other assets in the community to excel her efforts. She joined the Youth and Government Program through the YMCA which builds teenagers into servant leaders. Sarah secured over fifty volunteer hours with this organization and participated in community events such as Breakfast with Santa and Trunk or Treat. During the final convention for the Youth and Government Program, Sarah went on to pass her bill through the Student House of Representative and Senate. Then, in her sophomore year, Sarah secured a position on Boyertown’s Board for Youth and Government as a Service Chair.

In Sarah’s Junior Year, she was chosen to interview for the position as a Student School Board Representative and ultimately was selected. Throughout her tenure, she designed a website on the school district’s webpage to serve as a hub for the community to connect with the Student Board Representatives. Also, she created the Student Leader Luncheon, an initiative that allows randomly selected students of Boyertown Area Senior High to engage in a candid discussion with fellow students and the principal. Sarah hopes this invitation continues as she phases out of her position and the Junior Board Representative takes over this opportunity.

Sarah’s passion for the Students of the Year Program did not end with the Junior Advisory Committee as she went on to participate in the Students of the Year Program once again as the only returning candidate the Lehigh Valley market has seen. Sarah and her team went on to raise over $40,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Throughout these experiences Sarah has become deeply intertwined with the community and grown into a strong leader. Sarah hopes to continue initiatives like these and inspire young females to be strong leaders in their local communities. Sarah believes there is always change to be made and we must all participate in making this world a better place.